Tip #1 Prevent grease fumes from sticking to your kitchen cabinets and appliance by having a damp towel handing and quickly wipe your stove vent or under the microwave, the stovetop, microwave front, and the cabinets around it. It takes less than 3 minutes to quickly wipe everything down and it will prevent the residue from getting hard and deterioration the surfaces.

Tip #2 Prevent hard water from leaving watermarks on your chrome fixtures & shower doors by having a few thick towels handy in each one of your bathrooms. Chances of cleaning your sink area and fixtures are much higher when you have a towel for cleaning within reach. After showering, dry yourself and then quickly dry the remaining water drops on the shower door (don’t worry too much about making the doors 100% dry as long as you remove the excess water). Another good technique will be to squeegee the water down which will 100% remove all water with one pass, or on the occasions when one is in a hurry and you don’t even have a minute to clean, having a non-toxic after shower spray that will take you no more than 20 seconds to spray, will protect your surfaces from the calcium in the water to stick to the walls. We don’t recommend fully depending on an after shower product as the main way to maintain your showers; however, is a better alternative than just leaving the water with calcium to dry on your walls. Don’t forget that a thorough scrubbing on the shower at least every 2 weeks it’s still imperative to prevent bacteria build-up and maintain cleanliness.

Tip #3 Leave some toilet gel cleaner to sit on your toilets overnight at least once a week to prevent calcium rings from building up.

Tip #4 Keeping things organized in baskets and inside of cabinets or closets will make your home easier to clean and will prevent your stuff from getting dusty.

Tip #5 Organized your refrigerator food by types that will best make sense to you and put each type in a clear basket so that when you are looking to prepare a specific meal, you can just pull the entire basket with one hand and you will find most of the ingredients you need in just 2 to 3 baskets. This will decrease the amount of time it will take you to find things in your fridge and carry them to prepping station; nevertheless, it will make it easier to put things back, it will make your fridge look clean and tidy, and if something ever spills, instead of spilling all over your fridge and creating foul odors, it will just stay on a basket and will be easier to detect and clean, same with rotten foods.

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