October 1, 2020

The Importance of Proper Sanitation in Your Work Place

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It’s an exciting feeling when we work in a beautiful office, especially when it’s new and has a modern style with clear windows that bring in all that natural light! How excited would you get if you acquired your own new private office and got to decorate it the way we liked? We tend to buy ourselves some cool gadgets or accessories that will make our desk stand out, or to simply make it as functional & comfortable as possible.

However, have you ever stopped to think if your office is actually clean, or if it just looks clean on the surface level? Have you ever stopped to wonder how many germs and bacteria there are on the items you come into contact with on a regular basis? Who is really taking care of this bacteria residue? And are they really taking care of it, or are they just moving around the dust to get the job done quickly? Do you know or have any certainty that your cleaning service provider has your best interest in mind? Have you ever seen them cleaning? Do you know what’s in the products that they use? Do the products kill 99% of all bacteria on surfaces? Do they even spray their products on all items in the office? Do you know if they wipe things properly in order to remove any residue? Did you know what dust is really composed of? According to Pelley, Janet in her article, Tracing the chemistry or household dust

“More than just dirt, house dust is a mix of sloughed-off skin cells, hair, clothing fibers, bacteria, dust mites, bits of dead bugs, soil particles, pollen, and microscopic specks of plastic. It’s our detritus and, it turns out, has a lot to reveal about our lifestyle.”

With so many life demands, the last thing we are worrying about is if our employers’ cleaning crew is doing what is expected of them. However, we should, especially during these crucial times. We spend most of our active time at work and that should be the main place to keep clean. Luckily, we are here to help! We will be revealing a few pointers that will let you know if your cleaning crew actually cares and takes pride in the importance of their job. Here is a list of indicators that you can look for around your office. You don’t have to go and check every single item on this list. But if you can find 3 of these items on this list that are not clean, that means your cleaning crew does not have your best interest in mind.


    • Are your computer cables or the back of your monitor dusty?
    • Are the office phones grimy or dusty around the slits or buttons?
    • If you turn your keyboard upside down and shake it a little, does it drop crumbs, dust or hair?
    • What about the back of your chairs? Are they being dusted?
    • What about the armrest? Try sliding a damp napkin and see what color comes out.
    • Do your light switches look clean or are they dark around the edges?
    • What about your printers? Have you ever wondered if they disinfect them at all?
    • Have you ever observed the microwave? Does it have any residue stuck in any of the slits or corners?
    • Have you ever paid attention to the doors or the walls around the door frames? What about corner walls where people usually place their hands? Fingerprints can build up in those areas over time.
    • What about the bathrooms? Are there any rings developing on the sinks or toilets?
    • Have you ever checked behind & under the toilets?
    • What about your bathroom trash cans? do they look clean on the outside?
    • What about the wall and backsplash behind the sink and toilet? Have you ever wondered if they ever get cleaned?
    • Have you ever noticed the windows in your office? How dusty are they? Do they have cobwebs? Are they always this dusty or only sometimes?
    • What about the baseboards?

The list goes on, but so far, I believe we’ve mentioned the most important ones. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look around your desk as well. Your health is the most important thing, and your environment will affect that in the long run. Panicking about constantly using sanitizer every time you touch something potentially dirty, let alone the air you’re breathing, cannot be good for your peace of mind. How are you supposed to focus on work if you are constantly thinking about washing your hands every two minutes? Talk to your immediate supervisor and share your concerns regarding the cleaning performance in the office. Bringing this to their attention can make a world of difference for your entire team and their families. Follow our cleaning blog on Instagram & YouTube and find out more about how to maintain a clean sanitized space!

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