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Making People Smile is our Gratification, Making Homes Shine – our Certification!

Excellence Cleaning Pros is a small business with a small team of friendly professionally & extensively trained cleaners. We provide commercial & residential cleaning services. We are fully insured, and specialize in home maintenance, detailing/restoration, and Thorough Cleanings, including residue removal, professional window cleaning, carpet cleaning, as well as professional organization & decluttering! Our services include ALL cleaning supplies (ECO friendly), including new sponges, disinfected microfiber towels, detailing brushes, and all cleaning commercial equipment. Nevertheless, always have a supervisor or team leader on every appointment.

Professional Cleaning is not a job, it’s a skill that can only be learned through long extensive training. Our system is meticulously reinforced by always providing with the best customer service beginning with assuring that all homes are cleaned up to our highest standards. ECP makes sure that not only every associate knows exactly how to clean every area thoroughly & properly, but that we always have a supervisor or team leader on every appointment to reinforce quality control and answer any questions our clients may have in order to provide the best professional cleaning experience and quality.

ECP provides commercial/janitorial and residential cleaning services. We specialize in thorough and detailed cleanings; however, we also provide services like professional organization & decluttering, window washing, and carpet shampooing.

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