Additional Services


  • Folding $2 p/item
  • Hanging $1 p/item
  • Towels $1 p/item

*ECP is not allowed to process any laundry washing or drying or to operate any home owner machines. All clothes must be washed & dry, and left in laundry basket for folding and hanging.
*Client will be provided with a courtesy rack that will be placed by laundry room with empty hangers where cleaners will hang and sort all items for client to put away as they best find it fit.
*For any underwear, swim suits or lingerie it will be separated in different baskets but it will not be folded. However, It wills cost $2 dollar for sorting each type of item ($2 p/basket). Meaning we will separate i.e. underwear from swim suits in 2 different baskets (provided by us if client doesn’t provide), and will charge $2 for each basket used.

Dish Washing

  • Loading Dish washer $15 p/load
  • Loading & Unloading$20 p/load

*ECP will not be responsible for any damages or breakage of any dishes. Accidents can happen.

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