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Basic & Standard Packages

Commercial & Residential cleaning Services in SCV, CA. & Thousand Oaks, CA.


"Basic package is only offered to approved homes, terms & conditions apply"

Includes the Following Only:

  • Includes a light cleaning that focuses on All Floors (Vacuuming & mopping, 1 pass).
  • Light kitchen Cleaning (stove, microwave, counters, & cabinet handles only, with microfiber towels, no scrubbing supplies)
  • Bathroom's showers, sinks & toilets, wipe down only.
  • +main counters p/room wipe down (tables must be clear of items).  

Standard Package 

Includes the Following Only:

Standard Cleaning Procedure is recommended for

every 2-5 weeks service.

Standard Cleaning will Most Likely be able to cover a very superficial cleaning. The Standard procedure includes a quick scrub with a brush, but not with a sponge, and there will be no hard residue Removal, no detailing, or detailed cleaning like the Premium procedure. This packages is designed with the intention of covering as much ground as possible in the least amount of time. Please keep in mind that our fees are based on the time that each job takes. If interested in a more detailed or thorough service please check our Premium package.

After an initial cleaning has been done our supervisors can discuss some options and offer a game plan for recurring services.

We recommend to have your home tidy up for an easier cleaning (Cluttered counters will delay the cleaning significantly). HOWEVER, if you are looking for our cleaners to help you declutter and organize areas in your home, just make sure to add it on the notes and we will make sure to bring our organization baskets and supplies. (check our organization & decluttering page for visuals & info).

Kitchen cleaning Focuses on:

  • Stove cleaning.
  • Inside & outside of microwave Cleaning.
  • Cabinet handles & edges.
  • Wipe-down of outside of cabinets.

Bathroom Cleaning Focuses on:

  • Spraying & wipe down of showers or tubs.
  • Toilet detailed cleaning.
  • Sinks & chrome fixtures cleaned & shine.

Rooms Cleaning Focuses:  

  • Floor & carpet vacuuming.
  • Mopping.
  • Light dusting of blinds, doors, & baseboards

Below are the details of what our Standard Cleaning usually focuses on, if you wish to add or alternate some tasks, make sure to mention this when booking or during the initial service so our supervisors can work a game plan with the recommended amount of hours.

  • Counter cleaning.
  • Wiping down outside of appliances (oven, stove vent, fridge, dishwasher).
  • Floor vacuuming & mopping.
  • Mirror cleaning.
  • Wiping down counters & items on counter (*).
  • Floor vacuuming & mopping.
  • Counters/table tops wipe down
  • Emptying out trash. 

Below are the average cost for homes that fall in a certain sqft range; however, every home is different. In order for us to provide an accurate cost that will fit each individual customer's needs. We can provide with a pre-estimate and different option during the initial cleaning

F0r a Limited Time Only, we are only charging $30 an hr/cleaner for Set Recurring Customers* (reg. price $35 p/hr) and only $35/hr for All Initial Cleanings and Non Recurring* customers (reg. $40-$45). Offer will expire in 2020.

Discounted Rate Already applied to Chart!


Under 1200 sqft Price starts at:

Basic - $75 dollars.

Standard - $90/$105


Under 1500 sqft price can start at:

Basic - $75/$90 dollars. (2.5-3 man hrs)

Standard - $90/$105 (3-3.5 man hrs)

Under 1800 sqft

Basic - $90/$120 (3-4 man hrs)

Standard - $105/$120/$135 (3.5-4.5 man hrs)

2000 sqft,

Basic - $120/$135

Standard - $130/$135/$150

2200 sqft,

Basic - $125/$140

Standard - $135/$150/$165

2500 sqft,

Basic - $135/$150

Standard - $150/$165/$180

2800 sqft,

Basic - $145/$155

Standard - $165/$180/$195

3200 sqft,

Basic - $150/$165

Standard - $180/$195/$210

3600 sqft,

Basic - $165

Standard - $195/$210/$225

3900 sqft,

Basic - $180/$195

Standard - $210/$225/$240

4300 sqft,

Basic - $195/$210

Standard - $225/$240/$255

4700 sqft,

Basic - $210

Standard - $240/$255/$270

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Excellence Cleaning Pros is a small business with a small team of friendly hardworking professionally trained cleaners. We are fully insured, and specialize in home maintenance, Detailing/Restoration and Thorough Cleanings, including residue build up removal, professional window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more. We provide commercial and residential cleaning service in SCV, CA & Thousand Oaks, CA.