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Commercial Janitorial Services, SCV, Santa Clarita, CA, & Thousand Oaks, CA.


Take advantage of our Intro Sample Cleaning Special! For as little as $35 dollars flat fee we will do a Sample Cleaning for all 1st Commercial Clients & on the Sample Cleaning appointment we will be able to learn how long will the cleaning take and provide the client with a flat recurring service fee.

- Commercial Cleaning must be estimated at $23 p/hr p/Cleaner with a flat fee quote given on the initial sample cleaning!

This includes all supplies, fully trained cleaners with a supervisor on every service.

Offices (Under 1200sqft) $75/$80 dollars -> $35 Promo!

(terms & conditions apply)

Includes wiping of furniture, vacuuming, bathroom & kitchen cleaning, sweeping, mopping, window cleaning/wiping, & taking out trash.

Offices Between 1400-2200 sqft $95/$100 dollars -> $50 Promo!

Offices Between 2300-3500 sqft $150/$165 dollars -> $65 Promo!

Offices Between 3600-5000 sqft $175-$225 -> $80 Promo!

Commercial & Residential Cleaning Service, SCV, CA