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Our 3 cleaning procedures ( Premium, Basic, and Stadndard) alternate based on our clients budget with the sole purpose of maintaining an office or property clean to the best of our standards and customer satisfaction.

It’s all based on what our clients want & need.

If customer wants premium every time then we give them premium but if customer’s priority is to maintain a budget then we work a game that will help us stick to that budget while maintaining office in good conditions.

And we can provide with the details of our Cleaning Procedures which I believe is one thing that most cleaning companies don’t have which is a structured cleaning system in place.

  • In order to provide an estimate we either need:

    1. Your exact Budget so that we can calculate the time that our Cleaners will need and work a game plan based on that.
    2. We must do a Sample Cleaning based on a list of requirements to be able to calculate the exact time for each cleaning.
    3. We do Both! You give us your Budget and your List of Requirements, and we do a Sample Cleaning to work out a game plan.

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