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What Makes Us Different Than The Other Companies ?

We exist to provide high-quality service and personalized customer satisfaction & we will do everything possible to meet your expectations; therefore, we always send a supervisor for our first-time customers, or upon request to do a before & after walk-through because we take pride in our work & services! Moreover, we are so confident in our cleaning performance that we can guarantee you that not only you will Not be dissappointed but you will be calling us again & referring us to all of your friends, and if that doesn’t happen you only pay us half of the service price.

Are we Insured & Bonded or Insured & Licensed?

Yes, we are Insured through Hiscox Insurance. Feel free to ask for proof of insurance when scheduling an appointment. As for Bonding we believe that many customers have a misconception in regards to what a bond is really for. A business bondage only protects the customer when a service provider starts a job and doesn’t finish it (i.e. plummer, construction job, etc). As a reputable cleaning business we let our customers know exactly the areas we will cover before starting the job and in order to keep our good reputation we always make sure to leave happy customers. One negative review can destroy a business. Therefore; Bonding is not required for home cleaning service, only a liability insurance to protect customer from any damage, theft, or any accidents happening while on the job. That’s why we say “Our Word is our Bond”. In regards to being licensed, the state of California does not require nor does it grant licensing to any cleaning or janitorial service provider.

Will I always get the same cleaners every time?

Yes! ECP is a small cleaning business formed by a small crew of 3-4 per job. We have 2 team leaders that are always present in every job, either together or individually, but there is alway at least one supervisor/leader in every appointment. The rest of the crew are students so their schedule varies; however, all of our customers will always see familiar faces and our team leaders are the ones in charge of guiding the rest go the crew and letting them know all the details of each particular appointment.

Do I need to provide any supplies?

Absolutely NOT! ECP is focused in providing customers with a full-cleaning service experience. ECP specializes in thorough and detail cleanings, therefore, we are always prepared with every tool necessary, from the smallest brush all the way to full carpet cleaning equipment. We always come prepared to handle any type of cleaning job like post construction or old residue removal, therefore, we always have an extensive number of supplies. By the time ECP leaves your home, you don’t have to worry about washing any dirty towels or buying any new sponges or any side work because we take care of EVERYTHING!


Do you use ECO-Friendly Products?


Absolutely! Our pride lies in the quality of our service, which reflects everything we stand for. Beginning with providing Quality cleaning results, to using ECO-Friendly quality products, to excellent customer service. Learn more about our products on our Supplies page.

What is the difference between Premium, Standard, & Basic cleaning procedure?

The difference between the 3 is stated in our Packages Page. Not only is there a difference in the amount of items included in each package but also the procedure of each.

*Our Premium Package and Procedure include a much thorough and detailed process; nevertheless, we use more detailing supplies, and product. For example: we use brand new sponges for every single kitchen and separate sponge for bathrooms, as well as Granite & Stainless steel polishing. We also use our special fiber detailing brushes and we make sure to remove all accumulated calcium, grime, hard residue, soap scum, and more.

*Our Standard package and procedure includes fewer items than the premium and its a less detailed and much faster process. It doesn’t include additional supplies like new sponges, detailing brushes, Granite polish, etc.

*Our Basic package and procedure is mainly focused on the main areas of a home that require cleaning on a more regular basis like floors, bathrooms, main appliances in kitchen, etc. It usually doesn’t include shower cleaning or we usually just do a quick spray and wipe down of the showers (refer to Package Page for details). Process is much faster and lighter than the Standard Cleaning.


Can I choose which procedure I prefer done every time?

It depends! You can choose to do recurring packages and our team leaders can help you choose a rotation system that will best fit your needs and budget. However, depending on home daily traffic (cooking, animals, products used, number of people, etc), some homes may require a more detailed process than others. For example, customer could request to have basic cleaning done every time as a recurring package, however, its up to team leader to approve weather the home can be maintained with such light procedure, and also the recurrence of the service plays a major role on the fees and package recommendation.

Can I make changes to the package and Add or Change task for something else?

No, all packages are bundled and timed as an affordable systematized option for customers; HOWEVER, you can pay for the Hourly Rate service and CUSTOMIZE your service by using our customized check list. You can choose to have the cleaners complete all items/tasks in the check list until they finish or to complete as many items/task as possible until the time requested its up.

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