Initial Thorough Cleaning

Thorough Cleaning Service Description

Excellence Cleaning Pros takes pride in its reputation and makes sure to ALWAYS maintain high quality standard procedures and thorough training for all cleaners. We work with all of our Customers’ Budgets and make sure to tailor each cleaning to each individual customer’s preference.

Kitchen Cleaning (mild residue removal) includes:

  • Detailed stove scrubbing.
  • Inside & out of microwave.
  • Sink scrubbing.
  • Cleaning of cabinets doors (grime removal is additional)
  • Counter scrubbing & wiping.
  • Granite polishing.
  • Wiping down outside of appliances (oven, stove vent, fridge, dishwasher, toaster, blender).
  • Stainless steel polishing.
  • Window glass & frame cleaning.
  • Light switches wipe down.
  • Floors & baseboard cleaning (under cabinets and appliances brushing and detailing.)

Premium Room Cleaning Includes:

(for room dusting and cleaning, counters, and floors must be accessible with not more then 3-5 items per counter, and floors need to be picked up as well).

  • Floor & carpet vacuuming & mopping.
  • Counter/table top & Shelves dusting/wipe down (including dusting of items on counters).
  • Couch vacuuming & chair dusting (Interior of couch can be included upon request).
  • Window panes, frames, sills, & blinds light, vacuuming, dusting & wiping
  • Cobweb, vent, and fans vacuuming.
  • Light switches brushing & wipe down.
  • Baseboards dusting.
  • Door dusting. & thorough wipe down.
  • Emptying out trash.
  • Swifting or vacuuming under furniture is included with on hard floor areas only and if space permits it. Furniture moving or lifting cost an additional $5 per room.

Premium Bathroom Cleaning Includes:

  • Scrubbing of showers and tubs.
  • Toilets detail cleaning.
  • Sinks detail cleaning and chrome fixtures cleaned & shined.
  • Light fixture dusting.
  • Mirrors, wipe down.
  • Door wipe down.
  • Items on counter and knickknacks wipe-down.
  • Baseboard detailing including under cabinets.
  • Windows & floors.


For a Initial Thorough Cleaning of:

    • For 2000 sqft & Under Service starts at $300 = (3 cleaners about 2 hour service)
    • For 3000 sqft & Under Service starts at $350 = (3 cleaners about 2.5 hour service)
    • For 4000 sqft & Under Service starts at $425 = (3 cleaners about 3 hour service)
    • For 5000 sqft & Under Service starts at $525 = (3 cleaners about 3.5 hour service)
    • For 6000 sqft & Under Service starts at $650 (3 cleaners about 4.5 hour service)

The prices are affected by the last time the property/home/areas were professionally cleaned and/or condition of them and difficulty of the job, etc.

If you wish to add detailing of INSIDE of the refrigerator, oven, cabinets, door detailing, etc, additional fees will apply.


For any additional detailing, please check our Detailing Packages Page !


Clients receive a 20% discount on full window cleaning when combined with home cleaning.

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