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Move In & Move Out Cleaning Packages

Excellence Cleaning Pros is focused on providing Excellent quality service to all of its clients. Our system is meticulously reinforced in always providing the best customer service starting by always having a 

supervisor or team leader on every appointment.

Supervisors are always present on initial cleanings & are highly trained to work with customers' budgets and needs; nevertheless, advise them on what areas need attention or require detailing and can work out a game plan that will be based on customer's preference.

Our services include all cleaning supplies (ECO friendly), new sponges, disinfected microfiber towels, detailing brushes, all cleaning equipment, etc.

*Below are the details of what our Move Out/In Cleaning Package usually focuses on. (you may add or remove anything you may find necessary*)

The total price will be determined and based on the condition of the home and amount of man-hours required for finish the job. 

Kitchen cleaning includes:

Thorough detailed scrubbing, brushing and cleaning of everything in kitchen from Top to Bottom (microwave, stove, sink, counters, baseboards, etc.) + interior cabinet wipe down (excess residue, will increase the time of the cleaning).

*interior detailing of appliances like, refrigerator, oven, etc., are usually not included, make sure to request it if needed.

Bathroom cleaning includes:

Thorough detailed scrubbing of everything including showers, tubs, toilets, sinks, mirrors, light fixtures, cabinets, baseboards, int. windows & floors.

*(excess/old residue in cabinets will increase the cost significantly or we can ignore residue if planing of replacing items).

Room cleaning includes:

Thorough floor & carpet vacuuming, mopping (the more passes the higher the cost), baseboards, counter tops, doors, int. window & shutters/blinds, (detailing/scrubbing not included) brushing off light switches & taking out trash.

Walls, doors, closets, and baseboards, or anything with contouring that requires scrubbing & detailing will significantly increases the cost depending on its condition, (Please make sure to let us know if you those details are important or if you wish to skip the detailing of certain items).

Package Prices Examples

Package prices will vary based on home's condition, date of last professional cleaning, and number of items to detail (cabinets/closets/etc). For additional item detailing not included in the package description please refer to our detailing packages & fees info page (Detailing Packages & Fees)


1 to 2 bedrooms- 1 to 2ba


Under 1500sqft - 

Under 2000 sqft -

Under 2500 sqst -

Under 3000 sqst -

Under 3500 sqft -

Under 4000 sqst -

Under 4700 sqst -

Under 5000 sqst -

Under 5500 sqft -

Under 6000 sqst -

Under 6500 sqst -

Under 7000 sqst - 


$225 - $275 - Avrg = $250

$350 - $455 - Avrg = $420

$420 - $550 - Avrg = $490

$455 - $560 - Avrg = $525

$525 - $630 - Avrg = $560

$560- $665 - Avrg = $595

$595 - $700 - Avrg = $665

$665 - $770 - Avrg = $735

$735 - $840 - Avrg = $800

$800 - $900 - Avrg = $850

$850 - $950 - Avrg = $900

$900 - $1000 - Arvg = $950

$950- $1100 - Arvg = $1000

Additional Detailing Services

We specialize in Detailing/Restoration and Thorough Cleanings, including residue build up removal, professional window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more!

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