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Premium Packages 

The following package description & prices are for Set Recurring Clients Only. For Initial Cleanings it is recommended to do a Thorough Cleaning (some exceptions apply) in order to leave every home up to our standards so that we can perform a proper recurring service. For information regarding our thorough cleaning fees Please Go to our Request Appointment page, and follow the instructions or simply Book us Online Online Booking if you don't want to wait for a reply and already have a budget in mind!

One of our representatives will email you with a detailed description of our service & Initial cleaning estimates, & will be able to answer any questions you may have. Check out our YouTube videos to get an even better idea of the quality of our services.

All Premium Cleaning Packages Include:

Kitchen Cleaning (mild residue removal) includes:

  • Detailed stove scrubbing.
  • Inside & out of microwave.
  • Sink polishing.
  • Standard cleaning of outside of cabinets.
  • Counter scrubbing & wiping.
  • Granite polishing.
  • Wiping down outside of appliances (oven, stove vent, fridge, dishwasher, toster, blender).
  • Stainless steel polishing.
  • Window glass & frame cleaning.
  • Light switches wipe down.
  • Floors, & baseboard cleaning.

Premium cleaning of bathrooms includes:

  • Scrubbing of showers and tubs.
  • Toilets detail cleaning.
  • Sinks detail cleaning and chrome fixtures cleaned & shined.
  • Mirrors, wipe down.
  • Items on counter and knickknacks wipe-down.
  • Baseboards wipe-down.
  • Windows & floors. 

Standard Room cleaning includes:

For room dusting and cleaning, counters and floors must be accessible with no more than 3-4 items per counter (that requires cleaning). Floors need to be picked up as well.

  • Floor & carpet vacuuming & mopping.
  • Counter/table top & Shelves dusting/wipe down.
  • Couch vacuuming & chair dusting (Interior of couch included upon request.)
  • Window panes, frames, sills, & blinds light, vacuuming, dusting & wiping
  • Cobweb, vent, and fans vacuuming.
  • Light switches brushing & wipe down.
  • Baseboards light dusting.
  • Door dusting.
  • Emptying out trash.
  • - Swifting or vacuuming under furniture is included on hard floor areas only and if space permits it; furniture moving or lifting cost an additional $5 p/item. 


Please read the details at the bottom of the page in order to add anything that is not included in the packages.

Price can always be adjusted for homes that don't require the entire home to be cleaned up, and only require certain areas. Our supervisor always works with our clients' budgets and needs.  

Premium Package

(Monthly estimates 4-6 weeks)


*1 to 2 bedrooms- 1 to 2ba $105 / $120 dollars.

Houses: (monthly Estimates will depend on home traffic, amount of decor, & recurrence. The further apart each cleanings are the higher the cost.)

*Under 1500sqft - $125/$135/$160 dlls.

*Under 1800sqst - $135/ $150 /$165 dlls

*Under 2200sqst - $150/ $165 /$180 dlls

*Under 2500sqft - $165/$180/$190

*Under 2800sqft - $180/$195/$210

*Under 3200sqft - $195/$210/$225

*Under 3600sqft - $210/$225/$240

*Under 3900sqft - $225/$240/$255

*Under 4300sqft - $240/$255/$270

*Under 4700 sqft - 3ba / 4ba /5ba $255/ $270 /$285

*Under 5200 sqft - 3ba / 4ba /5ba $270/ $285 /$300

*Under 5800 sqft - 3ba / 4ba /5ba $285/ $300 /$315

*Under 6400 sqft - 3ba/4ba/5ba $300/$315/$330

*Under 7000 sqft - 3ba/4ba/6ba $315/$330/$345


- Swifting under furniture is included on hard floor areas only and if space permits it; furniture moving cost an additional $3 p/item, (only upon request).

- {$5 dollars will be subtracted for every 200 sqft room that is removed from the home cleaning}

- (Small mats vacuuming will be an additional $2 p/mat extra)

- Under bed vacuuming only included if requested & indicated by client.

- Staircase d MAY be extra depending on traffic & condition, only $5 if extra.

- Excess Pet hair will be an additional 7% of the regular fee.

- Bi-monthly services is an additional 10% of the regular fee.

Our Premium Package include the cleaning of the descriptions Above ONLY

If you wish to include any additional items please check our Detailing packages! 



Excellence Cleaning Pros is a small business with a small team of friendly hardworking professionally trained cleaners. We are fully insured, and specialize in home maintenance, Detailing/Restoration and Thorough Cleanings, including residue build up removal, professional window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more. We provide commercial and residential cleaning service in SCV, CA & Thousand Oaks, CA.