Professional Window Cleaning

ECP Offers Professional and Affordable Window Cleaning !

Standard Procedure

Includes: Vacuuming, and wiping off entire FRAMES (in/out). As well as squeegeeing outside of windows, and spraying & wiping down inside if windows.

Premium Procedure

Includes: Vacuuming, brushing, and wiping of entire FRAMES (in/out). As well as scrubbing & squeegeeing outside of windows, as well as inside if window glass 

Professional Knowledge and Experience

We also offer screen washing & drying at an additional cost per screen, as well as hard water or other common residue treatment (details below).

We do require a minimum of $120 for a one story window service & a $150 for a 2 story window service.
Jobs over $350 will receive a 15% discount.


Our prices will depend on the procedure that the windows will require. If windows get maintained regularly, at least once a year the procedure will be the Standard (ST), but if windows have not been receiving regular maintenance and have some accumulated old residue on them the procedure will be the Premium (PR). 

However, if most windows are in good condition with the exception of a few, only those will be charged extra. 


Fixed/Sealed Window (No-Screen)

  • $5 per pane – (ST)
  • $8 per pane – (PR)

Casement / Slider (5'x5')

  • $12 per set – (ST)
  • $15 per set – (PR)

Double Hung (3'x5')

  • $8 per set – (ST)
  • $10 per set – (PR)

Sliding Doors -

  • $20 per set – (ST)
  • $25 per set – (PR)

Glass Door

  • $5 per door – (ST)
  • $8 per door – (PR)

French Door/Window

  • $13 per frame – (ST)
  • $15 per frame – (PR)

Louver Windows

  • $15 each

Sky Lines

  • $5 per pane – (Outside Only)
  • $12 per pane – (Both Sides)

Additional Services

Screen Washing & Drying

$2 per screen – (Small)
$3 per screen – (Large)

Hard water treatment removal

$5 per set

2 Story Homes

$25 for homes under – 1,500 square ft.
$40 for homes over – 1,500 square ft.

Most homes usually have a combination of fixed, sliders, double hung, & glass doors.

Water-Fed Pole System

We also offer our more affordable option using the Purifying water fed pole that uses 100% filtered ionized water to clean windows & it does a great job! And from there we let them air dry and give them a quick pass with a dry towel at the end. it’s safe it efficient and its ideal for tall homes!

Receive 20% off when service is combined with home cleaning. Make your windows look like new when you hire reputable pros like ECP from SCV. Check our reviews & videos on Social Media.

window cleaning
  • Type of window and how old is it (type of frame, rusty or non-rusty).
  • When was the last time it was cleaned.
  • Stories of the home.
  • How many screens & difficulty of the screens.
  • Hard water or other hard residue.


We do not offer a courtesy walk-through since the prices are very clear for all customers to calculate. We do however, offer an aprox estimate based on the number of windows a customer counts. We can provide a rough estimate or price range via email. Final estimate will be adjusted once windows are thoroughly counted according to each type, & inspected to verify if they will in fact need either ST or PR cleaning.

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