Professional Window Cleaning

ECP Offers Professional and Affordable Window Cleaning !

Window Cleaning Standard Procedure includes: Vacuuming, brushing and wiping of entire frames, scrubbing with a sponge (to remove lime & calcium residue) and soap and squeegee of exterior window glass, vacuuming and wipe-down of screens, as well as cleaning and wipe-down of interior glass.

Affordable Water-Fed Pole System!

We also offer our more affordable option using the Purifying water fed pole that uses 100% filtered ionized water to clean windows & it does a great job! And from there we let them air dry and give them a quick pass with a dry towel at the end. it’s safe it efficient and its ideal for tall buildings!

Receive 20% off when service is combined with home cleaning. Make your windows look like new when you hire reputable pros like ECP from SCV. Check our reviews & videos on Social Media.

Full Detailed Window Cleaning Prices:

  • Set Windows (6’x6’): $5, (3’x3’): $3
    {No Frames or Screens}
  • Casement (5’x5’)- $6-$12 per set
  • Double hung (3’x5’) – $4-$7 per set
  • Sliding doors – $20-$25 per set
  • Glass door – $4-$7 per set
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